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Bilingual School in Lago Patria

New Green Garden International School

Bilingual School in Lago Patria


The new green garden school is a bilingual school in lago patria considered of great significance.

We boast 30 years of experience and we differ from other primary and nursery schools thanks to a wide range of educational trainings and extra curricular activities.

Furthermore we offer a spacious facility with pleasant environments studied to inspire all the moments of learning. We offer: Bright classrooms, Outdoor areas, Sports facility, Laboratories and much more.

Bilingual School in Lago Patria

0-36 Months

3-5 Years

6-10 Years


Our curriculum is based on bilingualism, in which learning a foreign language takes place in an educational context characterized by the presence of many english teachers who repeatedly stimulate children in the: Listening, Understanding, Assimilating.

  • International focus – students from all over the world

  • Courses and laboratories – we encourage learning and growing

  • Methodology and philosophy – “help me to do it myself”

Learning english is particularly efficient if started in early age, in a context made of games, colors and all those circumstances loved by children.


Our mission is to offer an academic environment of high educational and cultural quality, where every student can feel good at school and live his educational path in an effective and rewarding way.

We are inspired by Montessorian pedagogy, it stands out for its attention to the child as a responsible, autonomous and intelligent person.
The Didactic Coordinator Stefania Sammarco and her entire family are daily involved in the organization and management of the New Green Garden School, while at the same time transmitting to all teachers and collaborators the stimulus for commitment and constant improvement.

Your children will love coming to school

We have always been teaching our students in music, arts and sports, a natural vehicle of the sound principles of collaboration and aggregation that together with the skills of specific subjects will make them complete people, able to be the pillars of a future multicultural society .

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    Bilingual School in Lago Patria

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