Montessori method help me to do it by my self

Our school is inspired by the Montessori pedagogy.
It is distinguished by its attention to the child as a responsible, autonomous and intelligent person.
“Help me to do it alone” is the request posed by the child’s own nature
The teaching method is therefore characterized:

  • by respecting what the child is, knows and knows how to do;

  • from the estimate of its potential;

  • from the active experimentation of what is theorized.

Teachers pay their attention to the child as a whole, giving equal value both to the acquisition of the program carried out and to the harmonious development of the personality. The proposals developed within the curriculum are aimed to highlight the individuality and singularity of each child so that he can express himself better and enhance his skills. The supports of independent work carried out by the child are:

  • the environment

  • the teacher

  • the development material

The environment is organized in such a way as to encourage experimentation, individual and group work and manual activities. The teacher has the task of preparing the environment, stimulating and orientating the child, taking on the role of facilitator, observing the child’s mental and cultural life. It prepares the environment respecting the freedom of movement, the times and the learning rhythms of children.
One of the fundamental teachings of the Montessori method is to educate autonomy, putting the child in a position to carry out daily actions on his own and for this reason feel fulfilled and happy.
Happiness is a goal that is pursues in our all life and it can seem very subjective, but if we think of the happiness of children we immediately realized that much depends on the environment in which they are raised and the relationships that are established with the people who educate them. Every parent would like happiness for their children and sometimes small measures are enough toimprove the atmosphere at home and the mood of children.
Autonomy makes happy children
One of the cornerstones of the Montessori Method is the possibility that the child has to verify by himself whether he has correctly performed an exercise or a job. Autonomy makes you happy because you understand yourself where you are wrong, you are able to proceed without the help of other



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