Doing means learning

Among the various sports and game -work activities that will take place during the courses, the start-up of taekwondo and chanbara martial arts will play a fundamental role.

It is not easy for children to stay concentrated for a long time, especially at school , but thanks to these disciplines, they will be able to benefit from a training on the work they are going to do.

Antonino Deodato
Istruttore di Taekwondo Csen (3°DAN)
Istruttore Sports Chanbara Csen (1°DAN)
New green garden school is also dance.

Children and young people have the opportunity to study this art , that this year will be enriched with artistic gymnastics.

Perfect bond to strenghten balance and elasticity. We will learn to manage and coordinate body and mind in different spaces from the usual ones, represents a goal to be achieved for children.

Friday is dedicated to football practice, involving small athletes in games and team rules through a discipline they really appreciate.

The importance of sport

Strengthening sporting activity in the school is one of our main targets . We place particular attention and responsibility to use sports as an educational motor: sharing and believing in values, together with a correct application of the movement , can make them become “culture and habit”, so that it can reflect on lifestyle and accompanies children in stages of life.

It is important to start a sport activity early at school to motivate and learn motor skills alphabets. Moreover , sport plays a crugal role in the development of intellectual and motor skills. It can be a funny, instrument that helps making new friends and understanding better loyalty and self-confidence in working team.

The features of the proposed activities are the followings:

  • Games, to instill trust and self-confidence,
  • Creative , to increase imagination.
  • Flexible, with work plans ready to recognise group and individuals needs.
  • Driven and motivating, with solicitations to try the taste of doing
  • Participated, with active involvement of all students.



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