Doing means learning

The importance of sport

Strengthening sporting activity in the school is one of our main targets . We place particular attention and responsibility to use sports as an educational motor: sharing and believing in values, together with a correct application of the movement , can make them become “culture and habit”, so that it can reflect on lifestyle and accompanies children in stages of life.

It is important to start a sport activity early at school to motivate and learn motor skills alphabets. Moreover , sport plays a crugal role in the development of intellectual and motor skills. It can be a funny, instrument that helps making new friends and understanding better loyalty and self-confidence in working team.

The features of the proposed activities are the followings:

  • Games, to instill trust and self-confidence,
  • Creative , to increase imagination.
  • Flexible, with work plans ready to recognise group and individuals needs.
  • Driven and motivating, with solicitations to try the taste of doing
  • Participated, with active involvement of all students.



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