International School at Lago Patria – The importance of bilingualism

Our school offers the opportunity of an education characterized by numerous hours in English and a linguistic context that vants the presence of English teachers.

The learning of a foreign language is particularly effective if started in preschool, in a context of games, colors, images, actions, things that the child loves. The young child is more receptive and able to acquire a correct phonetics in the second language.

The learning process develops from listening skills (Listening) to language comprehension (Oral Comprehension) and is completed by the ability to communicate orally (Speaking) in situations related to age and experience.
It should also be noted that the exposure to English language inevitably leads to significant goals in pupil’s personal training:

  • greater expressiveness

  • ability to construct the sentence directly

  • accuracy in vocabulary

  • mastery of a language that allows communication between people

  • closer to Europe

  • development of thought, of an open mind, creative, capable of great flexibility exerted by the continuous adaptation from the Italian to the English context.

It is shown that children who know a second language have more lexical knowledge and are able to acquire more easily concept of “different”.

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