New Green Garden School, 30 years of experience

New Green Garden school was founded about 30 years ago, in an area that over the years has become increasingly internationalized, thanks to the presence of Lake Patria’s HQ JFC. For this reason, the Institute proposes itself with a learning and growing environment that fully respects the different cultures and traditions as well as the times of each student.

The building has been designed to accommodate different levels of education in specific spaces, well divided and differentiated, designed and built to make learning moments pleasant and stimulating. Luminous classrooms, outdoor areas, multi-purpose sports fields, laboratories; everything aims to make the world in which the children of the New Green Garden school grow harmonious and pleasant.

  • Bright classrooms

  • External areas

  • Multifunctional sports field

  • Labs

The New Green garden has become known and appreciated for the commitment and seriousness with which it operates, for the care of education and for the educational aspect of each individual student, for the attention given to selection of teachers and the whole staff of the school. The awareness of being a very significant component of the growth process of each student, leads to offer an academic environment of highest quality, reliable and at the same time cheerful and stimulating.

New Green Garden school wishes families a good surfing on our website and waits your visit at the school to show you how our educational project and bilingualism offers your child a passport for life and for the world.

New Green Garden School



Monday – Friday8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

  +39 081 5091290