Let’s grow together to look forward

New Green Garden school, always active in children’s education, is expanding its educational developments opening the gate away to secondary school.

We are dealing with the pedagogical challenge, deeply rooted in the will to create an educational continuity that has the aimof building future citizens and motivating the innate desire of knowledge.

Our middle school has an international nature achieved through the planning of instructional curriculum efficiently completed with both italian ministerial and Cambridge programmes. Such being the facts, the vehicular languages used to lern the school subjects are italian and English.

  • Italian , history and maths taught in Italian;
  • english and Cambridge subjects taugh in english;
  • geography, science, technology, music, art, PE and stem subjects taught both and italian and english;

Cambridge pathway is a prestigious opportunity for our students, since it allows the linguistic area, the scientific area and “social skills” reinforcement.

At the heart of this project there is a concrete and stimulating didatic, that gives our students the opportunity to experience and strengthen autonomy.
A “skills didactic”, with interactive lessons that prefer an active debate between students and teachers, also about current topics towards whom students are protagonists. E-learning platforms and didactic websites will be favoured.

These instruments will allow students to experience a new aspect of technology.
Giving rise to an educational path of first level, higher education is a challenge that we embrance and carry on with the responsibility and awareness.

We want to be mentors and a reference point to our students, that in the stage of life chase to be adults and independent, and most of all need to be awared and appreciated.